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M601 . Water Network Project Beneficiary: Baghdad Municipality Project performance period: 180 days Contract Amount: $341,589.1 Description: Construction of a new UPVC water pipe network (for 21 km in Baghdad Governorate / Al-Mansour District / Mahalla 601). Aswar Al Qamar Company has implemented one of the best water networks in Baghdad under the direct supervision of the Municipality of Baghdad. This network has successfully passed the tests required for its performance and has been completed wonderfully in terms of equipment and performance - Rehabilitation of Mahmudiya Local Council Beneficiary: the local council Project performance period: 30 days Contract Amount: $600,000 Description: Rehabilitation of Mahmudiyah Local Council in Baghdad Governorate This project reflects our ability to correct works that now contain errors and provide a guarantee of quality in the long term - Al-Sadr City water networks  Beneficiary: Baghdad Municipality / Baghdad Water Department Project performance period: 240 days Contract amount: two contracts, the first contract is $1,450,000 and the second contract is worth 1,670,000 Description: Modernization of the net water network for sectors 1,2,4,5,34,36,37,44 It is still under construction and 80% of the work is complete The work is now carried out according to the latest international standards and under the supervision of several honorable committees from the Municipality of Baghdad, the Baghdad Provincial Council and the Corps of Engineers, the Municipality of Sadr City. Construction of the main sewage line for the Zafaraniya area and the construction of a pumping station SE2 - Construction of a main sewage line for the Zaafaraniya area and the construction of a SE2 pumping station Beneficiary: Baghdad Municipality / Baghdad Sewage Department Project implementation period: 300 days Contract Amount: 100,3000 Description: This contract includes the design and implementation of a public sewer line conveying the Zafaraniya area and a pumping station. Our engineering cadres are now designing the line and the pumping station as a prelude. screw pump, type SE2, to be implemented at the beginning of July 2010