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Asawer Al Qammar Company For General Contracting

About Us

Asawer Al Qammar Company for General Contracting, General Trade, Commercial Agencies, Public Transport and Oil Services was established in 2005 with an engineering, administrative and technical cadre of the most efficient engineers in various specializations in all areas of implementation in the country. High-pressure towers, equipping stations with their various capacities, as well as various infrastructure works, including sewage and paving works, installing wireless switches and communication towers

as well as laying oil pipelines and preparing chemicals for the oil industries, modern and advanced equipment and devices, from international origins and with high quality specifications. We cooperate with many Arab and foreign companies. Which makes us at the forefront commercially and structurally. Asawer Al Qammar Company now aspires to put its expertise and competencies in your hands to serve Iraq and build it in the best way.

CEO Message

Our Company has a strong track record in the construction and contracting of civil, mechanical, Electrical, and pipeline works in Iraq. however, we have recently focused on oil and gas power generation and distribution, chemical and petrochemical works, water treatment, and infrastructure. It is also worth noting that we have been collaborating with wellknownleading worldwide firms in order to give the highest quality possible to our clients.

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Our Mission

We always seeks new approaches in implementing any project; such systems are driven by a safe and healthy environment through a professional national/international employee. We always thrive on overcoming obstacles through our will to win concept; we do our best to never give up and continuously update our core values to ensure that each employee seeks a more competitive opportunity.

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Our Vision

We've always been promoting a healthy, professional, and well-organized work environment. So, our ultimate aim lies in having a leading position, achieving business excellence, and having an engaging high-grade customer service infrastructure to end up with significant results that would please the customer and increase the corporation›s value in the stock market. Moreover, we always try our best to have a leading position in the company by highlighting the highest values and having effective communication with our main stakeholders in the field of contracting and general trading.

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